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Daily Update Log: 07/11/04
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7/11/04 updating data on genealogy society page. More coming soon. Watch for news of their web site.  Odessa, TX now has a duplicate of United Kingdom's Stonehenge. Watch for additions in the future.
2/24/03 Added a new url on Page one to the naming of Odessa in 1884 archive. This was hidden deep in another article.
2/13/03 Our Host is now Thank You!
1/8/03 corrections to different pages; more coming soon.
11/08/01 Added new web pages for the Ector County Historical Commission.
10/10/2001 Retired as volunteer with City VIP Program.  Active now with Ector County Historical Commission. A new area has been added for members of the Ector County Historical Commission.  Entry is by password only.  If you should like to join us in our activities; send me a note.  Members are appointed by the Ector County Commissioners Court.  Regional Meeting coming in April 2002 with Odessa the host.
08/31/2000 Add reference to Odessa Police Department web page
08/31/200 Just for your curiosity or safety you can look up in the State of Texas Data base a list of Sex Offenders.
08/27/2000 If you like the music from the " 1950 - 1960 ", click on KDAV RADIO, Lubbock, TX playing good music without the unnessary disk jockey chatter. Browser? I am using Explorer version 5. and the media player does all the work. As my grandson says, " It's Kool! ". You can browse the web and have good background music. Isn't technology wonderful?
08/17/2000 New web page for unwed mothers; a helpful hand for one in need. Call them; they care!
08/06/2000 Hope you didn't miss Pres. Clinton's latest gift to the married population in U.S.A. Cartoon from the Odessa American.
08/02/2000 Take time and read this complete page. Wise words from the Cherokee Nation.
08/01/2000 Enjoy dances by historical Indian tribes. First T.P.R.C.  Inter-Tribal Pow Wow  9/30/00 event coming!
07 21/2000 Read what Paul Harvey has to say about Gun Control.
07/18/2000 Updated the Genealogical Society web pages. Now data from currant news letter.
06/28/2000 Does Odessa need a Genealogy Club Page. A very active group meet each month; sometimes at Ector County Library assisting each other in research.
05/06/2000 A rare photograph of President Clinton.
04/07/2000 Others are catching on to Sherlock Clinton.
04/02/2000 Read what Walter Williams has to say about our constitution; Why Bear Arms!
03/31/2000 New update on Odessa American Blotter criminal summary since July of 1999.
03/30/2000 Update on entries from Odessa American Blotter column to Public Alert.
03/20/2000 1957 view of entrances to the Lincoln Hotel.
03/20/2000 1957 image of area of 3rd and Lincoln Avenue South.....
03/20/2000 1958 Photograph of Inn of the Golden West Hotel.
03/20/2000 Photo 1956 of Lincoln Hotel.
03/19/2000 Another photo from Fred Cordola from the fifties.
03/19/2000 Photo from Fred Cordola scene in 1958 from top floor of Inn of the Golden West.
03/03/2000 Reference added to upper left front page below the search url; Susan Ferrini new details on information of Odessa under the title of Cities on the Net; as well as url to The Odessa American and a list of other newspapers worth visiting.
02/20/2000 Additional historical details now from 1020 East Murphy St. The Gertrude Bruce Cultural Center added to our history of Ector County.
01/30/2000 a page with name suggestions for  Hilliary Clintons new home in New York.
01/01/2000 Created new Summary page on Odessa's criminal history to promote the "Neighborhood Watch Program!".   Complacency is a dangerous way of life!
01/01/2000 New Photo of Bank Head Highway Maintainance from Odessa American Article.
01/07/2000 Go to Glenn Justice New Web Site for more history of Texas
11/14/1999 Updated the status page for more Details.
10/29/1999 Broke Criminal History into two parts:   Streets A thru G;  and  Streets H thru Z.
10/29/1999 More details of Matthew Ector on unveiling page from Alto'n Rayanne Cain.
10/28/1999 New page of an early land owner of Ector County; Young Allan Brock.
10/22/1999 Added page with photo of our West Texas Horned Lizards.
08/7/99: August 3, 1999 was National Night Out for the Neighborhood Watch Parties. We have added some extra pages to the Citizen Police Academy menu. [very informative].
08/7/1999:Entered Neighborhood Watch groups into the Blotter program that is printed in the local paper, Odessa American. Just note how active citizens can make a difference. Now is the time to start your Neighborhood Watch Program
08/01/99: Odessa American article by Jeanna Cuny reprinted to add to Monahans history. Thanks Jeanna for a very thorough history!
07/24/99: New Photograph of Ector County Sheriff John Thomas wife: Betty Elizabeth Hogg Thomas; courtesy of Mark Hogg.   Thank you!
07/01/99: Adding small amount of visual data to web site experimenting with currant happenings etc. Charles Noll is your owner host.
06/18/99: Expanded history to include Fort Davis fort: History text will be added as time permits. My typing is not as fast as yours.
06/10/99: Added a page to Citizen Police Academy group explaining P.A.L. Program.
06/09/99: Created news page of Police Blotter from Odessa American.
06/09/99: Added reference to our Fort Davis Photo Slide Show page.
06/09/99: Experimenting with Advertising pages
06/04/99: There is a new map of Odessa with the zip codes if that would be of any assistance to your mailing   problems.
05/25/99: Update  Citizen Police Academy Activities of Class # 13
05/24/99: Added Graduation Page for the Citizen Police Academy of 5/6/99
05/18/99: Added Search Engine from Adds lots of capability.
05/18/99: updating new series of the  "Y" group tour to both   Historical museums to the west consisting of historical items and photos,  from Ward County as well as Ector County.   20 plus pages.
05/05/99: reworked Citizen Police Academy Page as class draws to a close. Gradutation near.
04/25/99: Thank you Odessa American! issue 4/25/99 page 7c shows a rare photo of Henderson Drug location #2 in down town Odessa.
04/25/99: Thank you Odessa American! issue 4/25/99 page 7c shows a rare photo of 1890 hotel in down town Odessa.
04/22/99: Not history today; but important news: 13th session Citizen Police Academy photographs
04/20/99: found my long lost favorite sour dough recipes for pancakes, biscuits, etc.
04/20/99: added updated photos of the Pliska Airplane now located high in Midland International Air Terminal.

03/31/99: created page with details of some of the early Cattle Brands in Ector County.
03/31/99: created page showing good detailed map from 1895 of the T & P Railroad route from Fort Worth to Sierra Blanca, Texas.
03/30/99: edited story about the jack rabbit roping in 1932.Thanks to a nice letter from grandson "Jon Hendricks".
03/29/99: created New page about mayors in Odessa from 1927 to 1954.
03/29/99: edited links on our opening Page; note:Odessa Library on line and& kudos to Odessa American honor winners.
03/19/99: Added links located on the top left front of our web page to 2 Internet providers we are proud of:
    first, our web page host: voted Odessa's most popular.
      & a new kid on the block: offering regular service via the phone; and also faster dedicated internet access 24 hours a day; with out a telephone. Downloads 128k Plus!,
Pilot program available for next two weeks only!

03/18/99: Created Pliska Aeroplane Page
03/16/99: Background music now available on our system. Thank You!
01/14/99: Choice of background music has been temporarily removed while data is being moved to
01/12/99: Bob McSpadden sent me the complete 1934 Phonebook of Odessa. Enjoy all 4 pages! :-)
01/10/99: Look at Foot ball History in 1946 on Bob McSpadden's Page
01/10/99: created 1934 Phonebook thanks to Bob McSpadden
12/10/98: created Mystery Page Number One
11/29/98: added photo to View of N. Grandview in 1960
11/21/98: added photo to Ben Subletts page.
11/19/98: edited awwight.htm, lawnprt.htm, wightyt.htm. / Thank You, Sarah Wight Schaper.
11/12/98: created WestTexas Relays Historical Marker Site
11/12/98: edited Odessa College Historical Site
11/12/98: edited Historic Globe Theatre
11/01/98: created Introduction Page for Odessa History
10/20/98 : edited First United Pentecostical Church Historical Marker
10/20/98 : edited First Cafeteria Historical Marker
10/20/98 : edited Homer Henderson Historical Marker
10/20/98 : edited Temple Baptist Church Historical Marker
10/20/98 : edited Ector Historical Marker
10/20/98 : edited John Ben Sheppard Historical Marker
10/17/98 : edited Court House Origination
10/17/98 : edited Court House Fights
10/15/98 : Studying CGI scripts. New Features to be added to Web Site Soon!
10/05/98 : Using Front Page98 to correct errors and remove orphan files.
9/30/98 : to this date; studying; & creating webs using Front Page 98. Changes coming.
9/22/98 : edited Tom Lea's Stampede
9/21/98 : edited El Paso Gas Co Engine
9/21/90 : created First Cafeteria
9/21/98 : created John Ben Shepperd
9/20/98 : created Presidential Museum
9/20/98 : created Douglas School
9/20/98 : created Penny Residence
9/20/98 : created First United Pentecostal Church
9/20/98 : created Temple Baptist Church
9/20/98 : created Founders of Odessa Marker
9/20/98 : created Sanitarium Site.
9/20/98 : created Well's PointHeritage Site
9/20/98 : created Frisco Cafe 1946
9/18/98 : created FS Bank Mosaic.In Heritage Group
9/18/98 : edited Homer R. Hendersonweb pages
9/13/98 : added Information on lost site RR Workers Graves
9/12/98 : Added Dobies Story of Subletts Gold Mine in the Guadalupe Mts.
9/10/98 : created Park Inn History
9/10/98 : created 150th BirthdayHistorical Site
9/10/98 : edited Emigrant Marker Historical Site
9/10/98 : created LeGrande SurveyHistorical Site
9/10/98 : created Goldsmith Historical Site
9/08/98 : edited Comanches
9/08/98 : created Sewell Ford Heritage site.
9/08/98 : created Temple Beth El Heritage site
9/08/98 : editing First Methodist Church Heritage site
9/08/98 : created First Christian Church Heritage site
9/08/98 : created First Baptist Church Heritage Site
9/06/98 : edited airport Heritage Site. at Schlemeyer field
9/05/98 : created Tom Lea's Stampede Heritage Site.
9/05/98 : created Presbyterian Ch. Heritage Site.
9/05/98 : created Bowie Jr. High Heritage Site.
9/05/98 : created Dawson Saloon Heritage Site.
9/05/98 : created Fire Station. Heritage Site.
9/05/98 : created Van Horn Heritage Site
9/05/98 : edited Jackrabbit Heritage site.
9/05/98 : created M.O. Boring Walk
9/04/98 : re-edited Elec. Utility
9/04/98 : added Menu RR Workers Graves for new find! Thanks Marcy Rhodes.
9/01/98 : added Photo to William Sublett.
9/01/98 : added photo to Texas Utilities company

8/31/98 : created Livery Site for Heritage menu.
8/31/98 : created Town Site for Heritage menu.
8/30/98 : edited Ace Of Clubs
8/30/98 : edited Elec. Utility
8/30/98 : edited Heating Util
8/30/98 : edited Telephone. for Heritage menu
8/30/98 : created page W.D. Noel Walkfor Heritage menu
8/30/98 : created page E.G. Rodman Walkfor Heritage menu
8/30/98 : created page S. H. H.& Q.H. S.for Heritage menu
8/30/98 : created page Comanchesfor Heritage menu
8/30/98 : created page Conquistadors
8/29/98 : created page Globe Theaterfor Heritage menu
8/29/98 : edited page Oil Showfor Heritage menu
8/29/98 : created the Chuck Wagon G.for Heritage menu
8/29/98 : created the Pecos Depotfor Heritage menu
8/29/98 : edited Menus. New Historical Marker now @ Post Office, 200 N. Texas. Photos coming.
8/28/98 : created 1941 Telephone Off.for Heritage menu
8/27/98 : added photo to 1936 News Paper
8/26/98 : added page 1951 News Marker
8/26/98 : added photo of Courthouse Marker to Land Rush
8/26/98 : edited Jackrabbit. page
8/25/98 : added photo, Land Rush Marker to Land Rush
8/25/98 : added new page Memorial Markers on the courthouse square.
8/25/98 : added photo to Goldsmith web page.
8/25/98 : added photo to Joe Rice Fire Truck page
8/24/98 : edited Heritage Menu
8/23/98 : created first part of William Sublett.story
8/23/98 : edited Naming Odessa page.
8/23/98 : edited Oiler Park page.
8/23/98 : added photograph of Parker Museum Restorer: J. Tillapaughfrom 8/23/98 Odessa American article.
8/23/98 : created web page of the Locations of the Heritage Sites to Visit.
8/23/98 : created List of Historical Markers for Heritage Menu of references to Sites. [coming!]
8/22/98 : created History of 1939 Ace Of Clubs.
8/21/98 : added Texas Map to Staked Plain.
8/20/98 : created Heritage NEXT SHOW
8/19/98 : moved 1998 Anniversary of Library on menu. Added one photograph of Chamber of Commerce Crew
8/18/98 : added 1998 Images of Library to the Anniversary Invitation Page.
8/16/98 : created 1927 Times Paper
8/16/98 : created 1927 News Paper
8/14/98 : created Invitation
8/12/98 : created Governer Bush Off a state historical site.
8/10/98 : created Oiler Park
8/10/98 : created 1950's AerialEastern Odessa
8/10/98 : created 1952 AerialLooking Westerly
8/10/98 : added Aerial View of Parker Ranch House
8/06/98 : The Staked Plain of West Texas [THE NEW TOWN OF ODESSA] underway
8/05/98 : added map150.jpg to 1891 CourtH #1
8/04/98 : created RailRoad Text 2
8/04/98 : created RailRoad Text 1
8/04/98 : created RailRoad Text
8/03/98 : created Sand Hills St. H.
8/03/98 : created 1884 Metz
8/02/98 : edited depot1.htm, depot3.htm, flavor.htm, menu.htm, menu1970.htm, menucont.htm,
      nummenu.htm, shermenu.htm.
8/02/98 : created 1886 RR scene
8/02/98 : edited 1911 Stage Coach

7/23/98 : Ector county library SW History Archives Scanned 10:00-17:00.
7/24/98 : created log.htm.
7/24/98 : created 1989 Phillips Camp
7/24/98 : added ohs1.jpg to ohs1915
7/24/98 : created 1947 City Hall
7/24/98 : added cityh.jpg to 47cyyhl.htm.
7/25/98 : created FAQ
7/26/98 : added 47depot.jpg to 195l Depot3.htm
7/26/98 : replaced depot3.jpg with depot4.jpg. in depot3.htm
7/26/98 : replaced elliot.jpg with elliot1.jpg in 1927 Elliott
7/26/98 : added meth1951.jpg to Methodist Ch
7/26/98 : created 1949 Nolan bldg.
7/26/98 : created 1940 Air Port
7/26/98 : added 35grnt.jpg to 1935 Fords
7/26/98 : replace ford1935.jpg in ford1935.htm with new scanned photograph.
7/26/98 : replace courth3.jpg with ch1938.jpg in Court House 3
7/26/98 : created 1947 Parade
7/26/98 : created 1950 West 3rd
7/26/98 : created 1939 3rd Grant St
7/26/98 : created 1939 5th Grant St
7/26/98 : created 1939 Hotel Hays
7/27/98 : change Daily Log to top position on menu.
7/27/98 : created 1934 Grant St.
7/27/98 : created 1960 7th Street
7/27/98 : created 1960 27th St West
7/27/98 : added rice1891.jpg to 1907 E.C. Rice
7/29/98 : added banner
7/29/98 : added banner Ector county Library
7/29/98 : updated menu.htm, photos.htm, menucont.htm, & banner
7/30/98 : created 1910 Odsa Painting
7/30/98 : printed all pages; installed into loose leaf 3 ring binder Notebook
7/31/98 : edited Barrows
7/31/98 : edited A.W.Wight

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