goldsmith in the 1930's
Oil booms bring housing shortages. Tents with wooden sub-structures served for homes for many during the 1930's and beyond. One advantage; easy to move if your drilling contractor moves to another area to drill a new hole.

This is boomtown, now known as Goldsmith, was originally called Ector City. Housing shortages caused Goldsmith to become a tent city with newcomers arriving in droves.

Growing Goldsmith in
 the 30's
Odessa American Historical Issue published this Photo in 1967.
Downtown Goldsmith - Goldsmith wasn't much of a town, even back in 1930's when this photo was taken looking north. The oil fields around the North Cowden area were booming and the town consisted mainly of shotgun houses, and a few scattered businesses.

Courtesy, Permian Historical Society Archival Collection.

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Updated: Aug. 25, 1998