The Globe Theater
The Globe Theater located on South West part of Odessa College Property. Visit their web site for more history, photos, and upcoming Events!

Historical Marker at Globe Theater
Historical Marker in honor of Marjorie Morris reads:

ODESSA (Ector Co.) Globe of the Great Southwest, Odessa College, off US 385
Mrs. John L. Morris (Marjorie)

Originator, promoter of the Globe of the Great Southwest, world's most nearly authentic replica of the Globe Theater in England made famous by the plays of William Shakespeare.

Mrs. Morris was educated at North Texas State University and joined the English faculty at Odessa College. In 1961 the college named her "Teacher of the Year." She was honored 1961 as an outstanding teacher in Texas colleges. She also founded the Permian Basin Museum and area "Writers Roundup" contest, both of which are sponsored by Odessa College.
(Outstanding Women of Texas Series, 1967).

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