Recipes from our Pioneer Forefathers

1 cup sour dough
2 eggs
2 TBS cooking oil

Mix eggs, sour dough & cooking oil.  Set aside.

2 TBS flour
2 TBS baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. soda

Measure dry ingredients into small container and sift thoroughly at least 5 times.

Preheat griddle or skillet to 350 degrees.  Fold in dry mixture to sour dough, and make pancakes immediately.


Sour Dough Biscuits

1 cup sour dough
2 TBS cooking oil
3/4 cup flour
2 TBS baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. soda

Mix sour dough with cooking oil. Measure dry ingredients into container and sift thoroughly.  Add to sour dough mixture and mix carefully.   Avoid kneading dough too much.  Roll dough onto well floured bread board.   Cut into desired sized biscuits, and bake on a well oiled cookie sheet at 350 degrees.


Feeding the sour dough!

1 cup flour
1 cup butter milk
1/4 cup sugar

Add this mixture to your sour dough weekly or oftener as needed to maintain your supply of dough.


Varieties of Flavors

Use corn meal, buck wheat flour, whole wheat flour or other flours when you make the pancakes or biscuits will enhance the taste buds and delight your guests.  Adding whole corn to the pancake batter will really give you something to set your teeth into.


Question often asked:
Where do you get the original sour dough?

Using the "Feeding recipe" it's possible the mixture with time will create a natural yeast and give you a good batch.  However; my preference is to use a small package of powdered yeast and start it off right.  Store this in a dark place with normal temperatures and the mixture will become active as the yeast grows.  Use a upright container; as I have had the mixture climb right out of a shallow bowl.


Added bonus:
Thanksgiving Dressing

1 cup Onion
1 cup celery
2 eggs
1/2 large green pepper
2 cup cornbread
1 cup rice
1/2 cup raw pop corn

Stuff turkey & bake at 350 degrees until the corn pops and blows the Turkeys A#s  off!


:-)  These recipes were rescued from an old abandoned  chuck wagon in a storage building!  :-)
Feel free to send these to your printer. Tape to your cabinet door and give them a try.   The pancakes are wonderful!  Especially if you fry bacon until it is crispy and then use the left over bacon juice to cook the pancakes in.  Use careful, as it could be habit forming.