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E.B. Ribble's version: "How Odessa got it's name".

Naming our City, ODESSA building the Railroad

Signed: E.B. Ribble.
Courtesy: E.B. Ribble Book: LEST WE FORGET.

Quote from Book printed by Exchange Club in 1981:

"A rose by any other name..." Legends have persisted for 100 years about where Odessa got its name: by Russian railroad workers; for a beautiful young Indian maiden; for Jim Odessa, cowboy son of a prominent rancher who was killed in a gunfight with a railroad man; for the first settler; for a young girl who survived a wagon train massacre by Indians; for a prominent rancher's daughter....

There were no Russian workers; the Indians had been gone seven years; no records show a rancher or anyone by the name "Odessa;" the massacre occurred thirty years earlier and there is no record of a survivor....

There is a record of the founder-promoters naming it in 1884 for Odessa, Russia, wheat distribution center of the Old World, because it looked like good wheat country. There is also a published letter dated March, 1886 to the Townsite officials from Henry Thatcher, 'You gentlemen.. made the happiest choice of a name for your town 'Odessa'...(it) will be in the heart of this great wheat belt and, with adequate railroad facilities.. .the famous wheat market of the plains."

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