Texas's Horned Lizards......

Texas Parks & Wildlife published this photo back in Aug. 1992.

Their photographs are so outstanding; I wanted to share them with you.

These little animals were so common 50 years ago; but the inroads of our population growth, extended drought of West Texas, and other factors have contributed to a diminishing supply of the West Texas Horned Toad.  Of course they are not a toad; but common usage of that particular name sticks in my memory.

Enjoy the other photos from that fine magazine on the rest of this page.

These little creatures will sit for hours on an ant bed and consume ants till they are stuffed!

They are great pets as they eat lots of insects and ants daily.


Magazine cover photograph

The cover page of Texas Parks & Wildlife
show an off-spring riding on it's parent's back.

I don't remember observing this; but our photographer did a wonderful job securing this photograph.

Obviously; these animals are not as vicious as they appear; but are quite friendly.

A soft belly rub and they act like they have gone to sleep.  But handle them carefully; as we want our children to enjoy them also.





Laying eggs; to increase the family 

Here is our mother increasing the family size laying eggs in the sandy soil.


These little creatures can be found in rocky terrain as well as in our West Texas Sand.

One spring I observed many families in the Davis Mountains at an altitude of 7000 feet.

Thank you, Texas Parks and Wildlife for these photographs!

As you travel through West Texas; get out on a country road, walk in the fields among the Mesquite trees.  See if you don't find a Horned Lizard near an ant bed.

You'll be glad you did. [ a very unusual creature ]





Updated 02/08/2003