PAL program 1999 first tennis drill
June 10, 1999
Summer Police Athletic League for Odessa children under way at Floyd Gwynn Park in West Odessa.  Here is a group doing  tennis drills with volunteer Joy Pollard,   Lucas Mackey and Police Cadet Austin coaching.

P. A. L. is "Police Athletic League"  under the guidance of Cpl. Sammy Berzoza.
Around April 15 each summer 100 applications are taken from citizens with children age 8 to 13.  The first 100 to apply are privileged to enjoy a 6 week program from 8:30 to 4:30 for 5 days a week athletic games and exercises. Each day varies in content.  The tennis program is only one of many.

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Here is Cpl. Larry Torres with a busy group playing volley ball.

While I was taking photographs Larry moved everyone over to the Basket Ball Court to create a little different bit of action.  Each day the program varies; so the young folks have a lot of fun and enjoy lots of activities.

Our young people enjoy being busy during the Summer; and this gives them something to enjoy and they do not have to prowl the streets looking for fun.  Chief Jenkins; thank you!  This is a good program.  Many of us benefit from this program!



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