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Historical Marker
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Ector County
Court House Square:

Courthouse Lawn
Ector Land Rush.
Ector Courthouse
Veterans Memorial.

200 North Texas
Tom Lea Painting.
222 East 4th Street:
O.A. Newspaper.
1118 N Maple:
Parker Museum
222 N Grandview:
William Sublett.
1501 N Grandview:
Temple Beth El
2500 East 8th St:
Sewell Ford.
UTPB NW Entrance:
John Ben Shepperd
Sunset Memorial:
Comanche Trail
Matthew D. Ector. Mauseleum:
Homer Henderson.

1000 N. Texas:
Temple Baptist Ch.
1700 N. Texas:
First United Pentecostal Church
21st & Grant:
Pecos Depot.
Odessa College:
Site of
Odessa College:
Globe Theater
First Cafeteria
42nd & N. Grant
ElPaso Compressor
Cable Tool Rig
P.B. Oil Show.
Permian Basin
Chuck Wagon G.
S. H. H.& Q.H. S.
E.G. Rodman
M.O. Boring
W.D. Noel
Dixie & 44th St:
Prairie Dog Pete
E. Yukon/Grandview
West Texas Relays.
Ratliff Ranch
4.5 Miles N. 385:
Emigrant Trail.
5. Miles N 385:
1940 Air Port
11 Mi. N 385@158:
LeGrande Survey
Goldsmith Site

124 E. Second St:
Founders of Odessa.
200 N. Grant:
Henderson Family.
205 N. Grant:
Livery Stable
Town Site
203 S. Hancock:
Penny Residence
112 E. Murphy:
White's House.
314 S. Muskingum:
Douglas School
4 Mi SW on US 385
Cowden Ranch

3rd & N Grant:
Sanitarium Site.
321 N. Lee:
Waddell Pecan Tree.
421 N. Lee:
First Methodist Ch.
601 N. Lee:
First Christian Ch.
622 N. Lee:
Presidential Museum
709 N. Lee:
First Baptist Church
200 Block W. 2nd.
Dawson Saloon
210 N. Lincoln:
Fire Station.
Sam Houston & 3rd: E.C. Library
Ector County Lib:
FS Bank Mosaic.
901 N. Sam Houston
Van Horn HomeSite
Odessa City Hall:
Founded 1881
City Hall:
802 N. Sam Houston:
802 N. Sam Houston:
Jackrabbit Roping.
802 N. Sam Houston:
Public Schools
500 W. 21 St:
Bowie Jr. High
1401 N Sam Houston:
Presbyterian Ch.
802 N Washington:
Rice Home
3501 W. Second St:
Well's Point
8.5 Miles West:
Meteor Crater.
13 Miles West: Caprock Marker
Penwell New:
1881 RR Graves
SH 302 Notrees:

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The Listing of Heritage Sites:
Courtesy: Odessa American Historical edition; Aug. 13, 1998
Thank you Ken Broadax, Publisher Bill Salter & all the staff!

Bill Salter Quote: "IF IT'S TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME".

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