The Second Henderson Drug Store, first building on the left.
Year unknown; possibly in 1920s.
Location: East side of N. Grant between Second Street and First Street, then the Railroad track. The Drug building is on the corner; was location of Collins/Henderson Drug for many years! Odessa American published this photo on 4/25/99 in a contest on page 7c of the Newspaper. It behoves me to encourage you to read the paper as they publish many historical items very often.
The Second Henderson Drug Store
This building was on the North West corner of Second and Grant. It was directly South of Henderson Drug #1 and across Second Street.

Many of you have always had mail delivery to your front door. That is well and good, but many years in Odessa; everyone had a box number and picked up their mail at the only Post Office. If you didn't rent a box number, your mail was sent to "General Delivery". That meant you went to the window and stood in line and let the clerk hand you your mail.

1936, as a youngster on freezing mornings in the winter time; I rolled Fort Worth Star Telegram Newspapers in the Post Office. I could keep warm riding that bicycle on the route but not when you were sitting on the sidewalk rolling those papers to place in your paper bag.

My territory was between Second and Eighth Street and from Grant Street East to Grandview. Home delivery cost 90 cents a month and the carriers part was 30 cents per customer. Don't tell me "those were the good old days". Let's see; that was 36 cents per hour if everyone paid their paper bill. [G. Pollard]

The Odessa News Paper was a weekly and came out each Thursday. No competition there for quite a few years.

Courtesy: E.B. Ribble.

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