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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this web site?

Man can profit by making mistakes and not repeating them. History teaches us many mistakes that other people have made. Why not profit by using history and avoid as many pitfalls as possible? Think about how much our children can profit from our experience!

What is the small circle or dot on some of the photographs?

Ector County Library identifies their photo archives using a small circle paper tag on each picture.

How can I search for a title word?

This works only when inside a menu that has the SEARCH WORD. Use NUMERIC MENU:

Using Browser: [ alt E ] then [ F ] brings up the Find Window!
Or Using left mouse button click on [ Edit ] then click on [ Find ].

Fill in the ( Find What? ) window__________________.
Mark ( )UP or (.)DOWN to direct movement of cursor.
Press [ enter key ] or click on [ Find next ]
[ Alt F ] to next search word; or press [ Enter Key ]

Where do you get your material?

Your parents or grandparents might have some old photographs of Odessa or Ector County that we could share with our Neighbors! Email me a note if you would like to donate items and add to our Heritage of Odessa. Web Pages are a dynamic media that can be updated and material added any where at any time. This is not like a printed newspaper or book. We don't have to shut down and go to press; our lives are being changed by history every day!

How can I submit some material for your History Pages?

As before, if you have internet access; email or have a friend contact us and we will work out the details.

I know you created this site; but who for?

My children and grandchildren, and yours. If this information is enjoyable and the young people read this history and arouse some curiosity about their surroundings; think how they will profit.

Have you thought about publishing this on CD rom disk?

If demand warrants such action. Time will tell.

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