Odessa High School 1915
Odessa School Building was an impressive looking building in 1915.
Clifford Ellen [Wiggins] Fox relates going to school here in 1929. The front South East Downstairs corner was Margaret Logston teaching Second Grade.

Front North East downstairs corner was Ida McCown with Third Grade.

Upstairs on South East Corner was fourth grade with Miss Harris teaching.

Front upstairs North East Corner Mrs. Vickers taught fifth grade.

{Any one with more details; please pass them to us. It's possible the total number of rooms being eight with a different grade level in each.}

Odessa High School 1915
Photgraph documented: 1915 Odessa School located 9th and Lee Street. Chinaberry trees where many of the children played at recess. [During the life of this building; different grades were taught by many different teachers. More detail later.]
Odessa High School 1915 Playground
Playground at Odessa High School.

Courtesy: Ector County Library South West History

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