Aerial View of Rayburn / Parker Ranch

Aerial View of Rayburn / Parker Ranch property; [East of N. Dixie Blvd]. The Parker family acquired the property in 1935.

This view doesn't show the landscaping like the lovely trees surrounding the house today.However trees grow a lot in 40 or 50 years.

White in background is area where cliche was removed to pave many of the streets on the east side of town. Date of Photograph, from Ector County Library, South West History, Geneology dept, unknown. This is an enhanced cropped segment of an aerial photograph possibly taken by Bill Shoopman or Vernon Adams.

Developer had a small problem aquiring financing for the homes built over the cliche pits. F.H.A. would not approve a loan under those conditions; however other alternatives solved that problem. Many of Odessa's loveliest homes are in that area.

In 1998 it's difficult to realize or remember it's past history; when you travel the city streets on the old ranch today. The complete ranch property has been absorbed and developed by the City.

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Updated: 8/10/98