Our Marker is located directly East of Deaderick Hall in the front lawn between the trees and the Building.

Historical Marker reads:

ODESSA Ector Co.) US 385 in Odessa
Site of Odessa College, 1889-1891

Established through efforts of Odessa Townsite Co., which gave $12,000; a Northern Methodist group matched this fund in 1888.

Rev. M. A. Daugherty, Pittsburgh, PL, was placed in charge, and a 20-acre plot was allotted to the college. Erection of a 2-story building began in 1890. In 1891 classes for 14 students were taught by Miss Alice Wright, of Maine. A "mystery" fire destroyed the college after one session.

This church-sponsored college was never rebuilt. In 1946, the new Odessa College was founded to fulfill aims of leadership in education.

 Odessa College - Historical Marker

Located next to the Odessa Historical Marker is The Time Capsule from the year 1958.
O C Time Capsule
The Odessa College Time Capsule lying beneath this plaque was buried April 8, 1958. and is to be opened on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the College in 1971 and again in 2000 A.D.

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