Lest We Forget

Drawings of early Odessa, Texas from the memory of E.B. Ribble. The book will tickle the imaginations of younger Odessans and jog the memory of older citizens.

These drawings are from old photographs, research, and mostly the memory of the author and his recollection of Odessa's architectural past.

The author has lived and worked in Odessa as an architect and city planner most of his life. The author does not intend these drawings to be considered historically accurate, but only as a close replica Odessa as he remembered from the early 1900's.

Lest We Forget

The line drawings that comprise this work are an effort to recapture some of Odessa's past for the Odessa of today and tomorrow.

For the most part it is a rendering confined to architectural remembrances because E.B. Ribble was an architect. Indeed, many of the buildings drawn herein he helped design or build.

This book, then, is really the effort of one man and his memory to give to the city that gave E.B. Ribble so much pleasure.

The line drawings of "Lest We Forget" are his way of giving a gift to the city of Odessa. And they constitute quite a gift.

These are renderings of buildings from the memory of one man. They reflect his pleasure and appreciation of art and architecture and they mirror the love of E.B. Ribble for the city and the people of Odessa.

This is E.B.'s way of saying, "thank you."

I have used combinations of Mr. Ribble Drawings along with Photographs to show the accuracy of his work. Street addresses don't check with some of our research; but he was on track. [G. Pollard]


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Updated: 07/11/04