Molly and Johns Pool Hall
John Thomas was one sheriff that bent the law and appeased the public as he could. He and Molly Williams were partners in a business that sold food, hard spirits along with other drinks in a building down town. The business had a different name when first opened; but with the pressure from some of the ladies of the local churches John and Molly changed the name to Molly and John Pool Hall. I don't understand the logic; but now selling alcohol was not supposed to be wrong. This Photo was taken when Pliska brought his airplane for a 4th Of July Celebration in 1912. This location shows to be on the East Side of N. Grant between First and Second Street.
Molly and Johns Pool Hall

John Thomas, Sheriff of Ector County.

Mrs. Buchanan remembered "a tale" about Sheriff John Thomas: The trains had a way in those days, as in these, of blocking the street crossings for an annoying long time.

The sheriff decided to fine the train crew for blocking traffic, but they refused to pay. So the sheriff got a heavy chain and padlock and locked the wheels of the train together and would not release them until division headquarters was wired and the payment of the fine was guaranteed.

John Thomas was married to Betty Elizabeth Hogg. Her photo is on another page.
[ Mark Hogg of Monahans was kind enough to send a photograph 7/24/1999.  We're hoping for more details as time goes by]

Molly and Johns Pool Hall

Courtesy: The Flavor Of Odessa, 1891-1991;
Editor:Ann Sherburn.
Odessa, City of Dreams.
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