Almost in the center of town stands the old jail in Goldsmith Texas. This settlement was known as Ector City in the beginning. The jail structure is in good condition testifying to the care of the builders of yester-year. During the boom; this little building saw lots of action; no doubt.

photo showing 
re-inforcment cable in the wall
Note the construction of the cement walls. Steel wire line from the old cable tool drilling rigs was used to re-inforce the cement. Modern methods would be to use "re-bar" to do the same thing. But we know in those days cable was plentiful and lot less expensive.

One side of the jail
I thought the cactus growing by the corner of the jail house added a little character to the building. I didn't observe any wooden doors to shut out the weather. It could get extremely hot or cold with out some protection.

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Updated: May 22, 1998