Ector Cty court house
 number 2 being built
August 2, 1904.
This historic scene depicts the first Ector County courthouse as it is being replaced by the second courthouse. The official ceremonies dedicating the cornerstone. Jesse L. Frame, editor of the Odessa Times, is just behind the cornerstone. He is wearing a black hat and his head is down. The Wooden Building in the Background is the original courthouse built in 1892.

Courtesy: The Flavor Of Odessa, 1891-1991

Ector Cty court house
 number 2
The second Ector County Courthouse, built in 1904, is shown during an election in the late 1920s. In 1938 it was replaced by the present courthouse.

Quoting from "Odessa City of Dreams" The old red stone courthouse, which was torn down in 1938 to make way for one of the most modern and attractive buildings in West Texas, is said to have been bought by Mr. Polk Bagley. He in turn sold the material to various individuals to pay for the removal of the structure. Mr. Glen Allen contracted for some of the sand stone. He used it to build his ranch home between Odessa and Monahans. I was told he imported expert masons from Mexico to contract the work. It was rough work, as many of those nice square sand stone blocks were broken in the dismantling and the move.

Doctor Headlee used some of the sand stone to build fences and improve his ranch property on the East side of town.

At one time the courthouse lawn was covered with big cottonwood trees. There was a windmill and a tank in the northeast corner of the block, and on picnic days the youngsters all went swimming in the tank. The trees had to go to make way for "Progress".
Ector Cty court house
Side view of the Stone structure. Note elevated platform for speakers or Odessa Band to perform. I remember a much more elaborate square or possibly an octagon platform with a Pitched roof. It is possible it was built at a different time than the date of this photograph.

Courtesy, Odessa, City of Dreams.
Ector County Library South West History.
Ector Cty court house
Another view showing the orchard growing in courthouse square. Date of photograph unknown. The photo was published during a contest; by the Odessa American on 4/25/99 / page 7c. Thank you Bill Salter.

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