Mule Drawn Wagon
Mexican family in a mule drawn wagon, 1900.
Ector County boasted of 224 residents in 1890. The racial mix was 185 whites born in the United States; 1 black, 28 Mexicans and 11 immigrants from Europe.

In 1900, things changed slightly with 3 foreign born residents and 1 black in the County.

Ten years later, there was little change with 5 foreign born residents but no blacks living in the County.

However by 1951, our population had diversified: 90% of the population in Ector County was white, 4% were Mexican and 6% were black.

Courtesy: The Flavor Of Odessa, 1891-1991; editor:Ann Sherburn.
The Heritage of Odessa Foundation.

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Updated: May 29, 1998