Midland Army Air Field 
training manevours
Practice bombing ranges were located in several of the ranches in the Permian Basin. Last cross county hop I made to San Angelo I spotted some of the outlines remaining on the ranches after all these years.

Bombardier Training planes from Midland Air Field are seen in a low-level bomb run on the scale model of Tokyo built in a playa lake for the 1942 Public Demonstration of Precision bombing.

Midland Army Air Field 
target during WW II

This 1998 Photograph depicts a location south of the Meteor Crater in Ector County. Here it is 55 years after the creation and use of these aerial targets; and they are still visible. Notice outline of a ship, rectangular building, bulls eyes, etc. What ever they did to make the outline on the ground, it was well preserved.

Of course when the average rainfall is less than 13 inches a year, it's not likely to be overgrown with grass or mesquite for many decades.

Courtesy, Author Glenn Justice & USAAF Photo, The Petroleum Museum.

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