Grant Street scene
Looking north along Grant Street. 1904.
This Photograph appeared in the T & P railroad publication, "West Texas, the Land of Opportunities" circulated between 1904 and 1909 to attract settlers to Odessa. It emphasized the suitabitity of the soil for agriculture and the effectiveness of windmills to bring water to the fields.

Although it is hard to say how many people actually moved to Odessa because of it, by 1910 there were 1,178 people and 23,765 cattle in the County. County Records documented 84 farms, an increase of 59 farms from 1900. Also at the turn of the century, there were only 381 people with less than 15,000 cattle.

Courtesy: The Flavor Of Odessa, 1891-1991; editor:Ann Sherburn.
The Heritage of Odessa Foundation.

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Updated: May 29, 1998