greater oil basin shopping center 
ground breaking ceremony
G.O.B.S.C. was platted in 1956.

This was a widely promoted Shopping Center, "Greater Oil Basin Shopping Center".

After much planning and other details the group decided to break ground and start construction. This is quite a story; however most of the details will be help back until everything is checked. Here is the scene photographed by Bill Shoopman capturing this event on East 8th Street.

Lester K, Lindsey, holding the shovel.
Mr. Lindsey was known for his super salesmanship qualities.

Your editor needs some details of the event and identify of the participants. This was a momentous occasion and lots of history before and after this picture was taken.

Help up out! Please! How many people do you recognize?

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Courtesy, Sam Howell.

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Updated: May 1, 1998