City Barber Shop 
Left to Right: Monroe J. Jones, Tine Davis, John O. Stallard, Lloyd E. Smith. 1947.

City Barber Shop Location at this time; 419 N. Grant Street. This was one of our professional Barber Shops of Odessa. Over the years as the town grew; the shop move to various locations. Mr. Stallard's wife; Alma Stallard took this Photograph in front of the shop to show the uniform of the day. All the barbers wore white shirts and tie with dark trousers.

City Barber Shop 
John Stallard in front of City Barber Shop; 1801 1/2 West County Road; May 28, 1998. [John's 78th Birthday]. Congratulations John, that's 51 years of Barber Service. He is still in a light colored shirt. The belt was replaced by suspenders; and the tie is missing; but that jovial laugh is alive and hearty.

Original Cash 
Register, still working
John still uses the 1947 Cash Register.

Courtesy: John Stallard, City Barber 1998.

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