the Odessa Band 1905
The Odessa Band. c.a. 1905. conducted by Carl "Froggie" Beck, the band played for almost any occasion, special or otherwise. They were part of local parades, provided concerts, played at square dances and even greeted the train as it pulled in and entertained its passengers.

Band members pictured, front row, left to right; John Williams, Willie Beaty ( Mrs. Will Martin), Tom Foreman, Carl Thain, Lily Brown (Mrs. Tom McKnight), Lum Wadsworth.

Second row, left to right: R.H. Thain, Carl Beck (director), Will A. Martin, Jim Howard.

Third row, left to right: Joe Rice, John Brock, Bert Rawlins. Little Bill Brock is in the very back.

Quote from Odessa: City of Dreams by Velma Barrett and Hazel Oliver.
From 1905-1910 Will A Martin and Willie Beaty, who were married in 1911, were members of a fifteen instrument band, which played for the different towns from Toyah to Abilene.

Professor Beck, the director, was an accomplished musician before he left Germany and was directing a large band in San Antonio, when he corresponded with Walter Martin, who was trying to locate a director for the Odessa band. Mr. Beck became interested and came himself. He was about 55 years old when he was here.

He left Odessa to go to Pecos, after the Odessa band members kept moving away or losing interest and no new ones taking their places. The band members of those years who are still here in Odessa are: Mrs Lily Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Will A Martin. [written: year, 1952]

the Odessa Band, year unknown
Year unknown...Odessa Band: Mr. Rodgers extreme right, Director.
[comment: Comparing both band photographs; It's possible the Band Director has been named incorrectly on this picture. This looks like Carl Beck to me. My information came from the back side of the photograph, and it could be in error. Is it possible the two gentlemen looked that much alike? The uniforms are different, as well as the caps.]
Front row: Mr. Stidham, Mrs. Stidham, Ada Butler, Tom Foreman, Mrs Rodgers.
Second row: Walter Martin, Will A. Martin, Chas Ely, Jim Howard, John A Martin, R.H. Thain, John H. (Bud) Williams.
Third row: R.H. Thain and Bert Rawlins.

Note lots of families, both man and wife were in the band. The young Will Martin and Willie Beaty played in the band as youngsters. Later became Man & Wife. Mrs. Martin set up a studio in her home and taught music for many years. My wife as a youngster used to walk to Mrs. Martins house to take piano lessons. I would love to have a recording of some of the old band music this group of people created.

Courtesy, Ector County Library South West History.

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