left part of large photograph
Left to Right: 1.?, 2.C.W. (Few Clothes) Wyatt, 3.?, 4.Ellis Lee Dobbins, 5.May Henderson, 6.Bartin Hadesa. 7.Esperanza Bargesser, 8.Fred Bargesser, BAND: Ted Maney - middle sax.

right half of the working crew
1.Mrs. T.E. Bargeser, 2.Alfred Bargesser, 3.Angir Bargesser, 4.?, 5. Jewell, 6.?, 7.?, 8.Maudine Doer, 9.?, 10.?. BAND: Big Daddy Pat on bass fiddle.

Courtesy: Hope Furlow.

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updated: 8/22/98