At a Water Stop

Picture the early days of Odessa, and the working rail roads and their support. This is an example of a remote location created to support the rails and the crews. This photo comes from the archives of Jerry Appleman and his large collection of photographs. Odessa started this way and grew to the city it is today.

Photograph from one of the western States; for illustration purposes. Notice, this engine is a coal burner. The early trains passing thru Odessa, burned wood. Our county was loaded with mesquite roots that were easily grubbed out for firewood. The settlers said, "You could get a load, digging up mesquite roots in one location and never move the wagon."

Steam Engine years ago
Here is the Rio-Grande coming from to west to Odessa. [photo for illustration purposes]


Courtesy: Jerry Appleman.
Last Updated: July 22, 1998