Letter from Odessa, Ukraine


How is your city? Our is OK. It has the same name as yours, but it is in Ukraine.
Our city also has a great and interesting history, and might happen, that people in your native place know it from elder generation. If you are interesting in co-operation, please contact us, we'll be happy to hear from you.

Representative of sch121,
Reder Irina

Irene Reder
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letter received, October 18, 1999
email at http://www.odessahistory.com

Another letter:

Hello, Mr. Gareth!

I'm very sorry for not replying you for such a long time, but I didn't have 
an opportunity.
Actually, I am a representative of a school. I'm not there in this 
particular second. I study in England, Cheltenham as well as there, and, 
being far away I wanted to help them with a project, while they are changing 
an Internet provider.
Thanks a lot for your letter, it was really pleasant to receive it and I 
hope that you will find an interesting source of information in us.
Our city (Odessa) was conquered by Russian-Ukrainian army in 1793. It was 
decided to build a trading port, because it was the first outlet to the 
Black sea for an impire. It was built by french people who, during the 
revolution came to serve Russia. The architecture is really  wonderful. Our 
Opera and Balley theater is the second in the world for beauty. The city had 
many proud pages in its history. For example, when during the war with 
Turkey, escadra came to the shores, expecting to plant horror by their poor 
two shots, the fire of reply was opened and drove them away. The second try 
was far more unpleasant to the invaders: one ship sank, another found peace 
on our sands, which were not expected to appear there and a weapon from this 
vessel, called Tiger, still decorates our boulevard.

Once more thank you for your letter,