Museum Drawing
1928 Million-Barrel Oil tank; now a Museum in Monahans Texas.

Unique in the construction field is the Million-Barrel Oil Tank at Monahans. The Tank, which resembles a Coliseum-like Athletic Bowl from the air, measures 522 feet from North to South across the floor and 425 feet from East to West. The concrete floor is enclosed by an eliptical wall of concrete with walls slanted at a 45 degree angle and rising to a height of 35 feet.

Created in 1928 to store Oil; it is now is a West Texas Historical Site due to the efforts of the Hard Working People of Ward County.  The author of Odessa History surmised it  merited attention within these contents.  One reason it houses the Penwell Texas Post Office and also the proximity of West Texas History.

Courtesy: Ward County Historical Commission

updated: 02/08/2003