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How often does the Police Department conduct a Citizen Police Academy?

This depends on the volume of applications.  Please use the Application on this web page if you want to save some time and traveling.  You can pick up applications at the Police Department Store fronts or down town headquarters; but the on line application can be printed by your printer and save you a trip.  Send in your application early and get in line for the next Educational Session.

Some years with normal interest; there are 2 classes:  One in the Spring and another in the Fall.  Don't delay; apply now!

How many applicants make up a class?   

The Department Class room can accomodate as high a number as 40.  Normal size is approximately 25.

Where are classes held?

The Class room is in the main Police Building on Second and Grant Street. However many classes are in different locations.  One evening the class visits a Police Store Front; for example like the one on South Dixie. Another time a trip is made thru the Communication Dept. which is in another building. There shall be an inpection of the Animal Control Center on west 42nd Street.  One evening is spent with the K9 Corp. and Demonstrations on the Police Shooting Range.

Oh, and don't let me forget; the citizen on patrol vehicle was great to see. Many of the civilian volunteers after special training assist by joining the Citizen On Patrol. [I'll cover that on another page.] As you can see the educational training entails quite a bit of traveling around the city.  Most journeys are by bus, or automobiles.

How many weekly classes do you attend?

13 Weekly Classes meet every week before the Graduating Ceremony. Plus one trip to visit City Officials at City Hall!

What do you get out of the many Classes?

We were fortunate to meet officers from all the departments and learn about their duties and how they work to protect you and I; and our property.  When you think about a city in excess of 95,000 people; many things are going on and not all of them GOOD!  The Officers are not trained teachers; but you wouldn't know it from the presentations you receive.  I can testify after 13 Weeks; I am impressed!  Now as a member of the class; we understand how they operate and what routines they follow.  You can be proud of the Odessa Police Department!

Who is the Police Sergeant in the Photo on this page?

Sgt. Bob Hammerman; our Public Relation Officer met with us on the majority of the classes and field trips.  Being a member of the 13th Class we enjoyed the advantages of improvements of the Classes held in the past.  Sergeant Hammerman, and all the members of the Police Department; We THANK YOU!

What does all this training cost?

For you; nothing but your attention and your time.  It is our hope you will pass on the knowledge you acquire and make others aware of the work going on.

National Association of Citizens on Patrol

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updated: 02/08/2003